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Software Included

Each year NPI invests in developing and maintaining software to help our franchisees streamline their businesses.

Inform - Inspection Reporting and Tracking Software

You'll love how easy it is to use the newest version of NPI's unique, professional inspection software, Inform™.

Most independent property inspectors use generic inspection software. But NPI franchisees use our unique and proprietary Inform™ inspection reporting and tracking software, which NPI has spent years developing and keeping updated. With Inform™, you'll have the ability to produce professional and highly prized inspection reports, including the following:

  • Home inspection reports
  • Various commercial inspection reports
  • Field service and specialty inspection reports

The following are some of the specialized features of Inform™:

  • Checklist format, which guides you through the inspection
  • List of thousands of preloaded and peer-reviewed inspector comments for better and quicker report writing
  • Embedded photos to clarify and illustrate conditions found
  • Tracking software - Who referred inspections to you, how many inspections they referred, marketing return on investment (ROI)

HUB - Cloud-based Email Marketing and Website

Tools to get you noticed, strategy to build loyalty.

It's more than just a CRM solution!  We put you on the map with online tools that help you with all aspects of running your business. It's a lead capture and nurturing platform to help our franchise owners build a strong and loyal client base while enhancing their digital presence and professional reputation.

  • Easily publish content and share updates
  • Capture and manage contacts
  • Send email marketing messages
  • Review solicitation and management
  • Coupon based lead capture
  • Manage contests and other engagement strategies


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