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Start Your Business With NPI

"NPI is above the rest. The training they provide to get started, the start up package and ongoing support is second to none.  Our business has continued to grow with their support and continued training."

Jim and Susan Giuffre
NPI Franchise Owners

Let National Property Inspections put you on the path to achieving your goal. For nearly 30 years, NPI has helped hard-working, ambitious people start and run successful, profitable property inspection businesses.

As an NPI franchise owner, you call the shots: Set your own schedule, work independently or hire employees. Your goals are within reach. 

Field Training

After you’ve completed the comprehensive two-week training at the NPI Business and Inspection Training Academy, we will match you with an experienced NPI professional in the field, giving you up to 40 hours of field training with another franchise owner. You’ll get hands-on experience performing property inspections, and, more importantly, you'll gain an insider's view of how to build a successful inspection business.

Grow Your Business
By pursuing additional certifications, NPI franchise owners can perform up to 20 different inspection-related services. With dedication and hard work, you can build a nonseasonal and recession-resistant business and work for yourself. You can run a one-man operation, and many of our franchise owners operate multi-inspector firms.

Stay on Top With Continuing Education

The NPI Annual Conference is a great opportunity to meet and network with the NPI family of franchise owners, as well as earn continuing education credits. Let other franchise owners share with you how they’ve built and operated their businesses, how they've brought their businesses to the next level, and how you can grow your business.


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Each franchise location is independently owned and operated.

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