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NPI Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

"After serving in the military for 6 years, the thing I love most about having my own business is that I can schedule my day and spend more time with my wife and kids. My family is a large part of the business and the business’s success. As we continue to grow and achieve goals, so does my family."

Aaron Bailey
NPI Franchise Owner & U.S. Military Veteran

Our military veterans have done a great service for our nation. They also have skills that make them great entrepreneurs. In fact, military veterans are 45 percent more likely to become entrepreneurs than people with no active-duty military experience. Moreover, their military experience makes veterans uniquely qualified to become entrepreneurs. If you’re a veteran, the military has taught you how to manage your time and stay dedicated. You need a high level of discipline to get through military training, and discipline is one of the factors that make a successful entrepreneur. Veterans also tend to be extremely motivated, and they may have learned skills in the military that will help them in business.


At National Property Inspections, we are honored to say that approximately 20 percent of our franchise owners are veterans. Over the years, we have worked hard to recruit veterans into our franchise program, and we will continue these efforts. One incentive we offer is a 15 percent discount on the franchise fee for honorably discharged military veterans.


Veterans Make Successful Entrepreneurs and Franchise Owners

Veterans are already elite high achievers — considering that 75 percent of the public isn't even eligible for military service — and that helps make them successful business owners. If you’re a veteran, you likely have what it takes to become a successful NPI franchise owner — which may be why 14 percent of all franchises are owned by military veterans.


According to, “Veterans understand the importance of following a plan to successfully execute a mission and capitalize on every opportunity. This systematic approach to achieving goals is very similar to the franchising model of doing business, and it's why more and more veterans are taking advantage of franchise opportunities after returning to civilian life.”


“Being a vet is a special thing, and we certainly appreciate their service to our country,” said Roland Bates, president and founder of National Property Inspections. “We have many successful vets who are now NPI owners and who have a great talent for franchising. Our motto is ‘Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism. We actively recruit veterans because they typically have each of these traits. In addition, we appreciate their can-do attitude, self-confidence and willingness to follow direction.”


Hundreds of franchisors have realized the benefits of veterans as franchisees and are offering military veterans incentives and discounts. However, not all of these franchises are a good fit for vets, so it is crucial that you perform your due diligence prior to signing a franchise agreement. If you’re a veteran, we would love to tell you more about National Property Inspections and how our franchise can help you become a successful entrepreneur. For more information, please click here to receive a no-obligation franchise information packet.


Financing Opportunity

With a NewDay VA loan you could get the financing you need to start your new NPI franchise. Learn more about your eligibility HERE. Or give us a call so we can go over your options. 



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