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NPI Marketing Team


5 Reasons Military Veterans Make the Best NPI Franchise Owners

By Stepha Vesper

As a veteran, you automatically possess the necessary strengths to become a thriving property inspection business owner. Many veterans return to civilian life with a strong desire to be their own boss, as you often have far greater leadership experience than your peers. However, finding an industry that requires a relevant skillset to that of military experience can be a challenge. The world of franchise ownership in the property inspection business is a smart and lucrative route of vets re-entering the workforce. Here’s how each of these military skills can spell big success (as your own boss!) with NPI:

1. Detail-Oriented
In the military world, attention to detail and accuracy is critical when it comes to things like operating artillery and firearms. You know that haphazard work just won’t cut it, no matter how big or small the job. One of the most important characteristics a property inspector must have is a meticulous mindset, and your ability to extensively analyze your surrounding perfectly translates to inspection. Whether you’re inspecting an attic for mold or putting together a list of your best references for future clients, you won’t miss a beat.

2. Team Leader
Starting at the earliest stages of your military training, you were taught the importance of teamwork. The leadership that soldiers exhibit on a daily basis is unparalleled to that of civilians. You understand that the success of an organization is reliant upon the hard work of all team members. Without question, you’ve acquired the discipline and self-motivation you need to succeed as a small business owner.

3. Critical Thinking
While nearly all careers require critical thinking, the strategy required as a business owner is not commonplace. Soldiers are required to adapt to changing situations, giving them ability to make quick, critical decisions. Vets often thrive under pressure following their experience in high-stress environments. Your decisiveness and work ethic is will easily translate as a business owner. You solve problems, meet personal goals and you’re willing to get creative to succeed.

4. Attention to rules and regulations
Another important aspect of military training is following instruction. All tasks revolve around discipline: keeping yourself, your bunk, and your weapon inspection-ready at all times. Adapting to protocol is engrained in a soldier’s daily life. Property inspectors are responsible for referencing their finds to property guidelines, a task you will find second nature.

5. Community Values
The most successful small business owners aren’t in it for the money alone. They want to help their communities stay safe and prosper. After making the sacrifice to your country as a member of the military, you’ll be able to serve your community as a home inspector, helping people in ways you never thought. You may even have the opportunity to create new jobs in your area.

Don’t forget: NPI covers the skills that are teachable, like inspecting, licensing, marketing and sales, in hands-on courses and continuous support from our staff. At NPI, we believe vets would make great additions to our valued team of franchise owners.

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About the Author
Stepha Vesper, Marketing Communications Specialist
Stepha has more than five years’ experience in marketing, content creation, SEO and copywriting. Her favorite part of her job is assisting franchisees with their digital marketing strategies so they reach their goals that much faster. When she isn’t at work, Stepha is going on adventures with her basset hound, Frank, and husband, Zach, perusing used bookstores, reading or writing.

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