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The National Property Inspections, Inc. franchise fee is $34,900 (Can$36,900). We offer a 20% discount for military veterans, police officers, firefighters and first responders. We're the only inspection franchisor to sell only exclusive territories. Click here to see everything else that's included with an NPI/GPI franchise.

How much you make with NPI is only limited by your own drive and commitment to growing your business. The average NPI/GPI franchisee grossed $147,785 in 2019, with our top 10 percent of earners bringing in an average of $442,427. Click here to learn more about your earning potential with NPI.

No. Our inspectors come from all walks of life and a wide array of backgrounds, such as general contracting, dentistry, retail management and civil engineering. All you need to become a successful property inspector is an eye for detail and a willingness to learn a new skill.

  • NPI only sells exclusive territories. Unlike other franchises, your fellow NPI franchisees are your allies, not your competition.
  • Founded in 1987, we're North America's first residential and commercial inspection franchise.
  • Our dedicated National Accounts department hands out hundred of referrals to NPI franchisees every month.
  • NPI has the largest marketing team of any home inspection franchisor. With NPI, you'll have unlimited access to a team of copywriters, graphic designers and networking experts.
  • NPI has zero hidden fees.
  • Click here to see more about how NPI stacks up against our competition.

At NPI, we don't have hidden fees. You won't be charged a binder fee per inspection or a monthly advertising fee. With NPI, your fees are a flat 8% of your monthly earnings. Fees lower to 6% once you enter a higher income bracket.

National Property Inspections will provide you all the training you need to become a successful property inspector. You’ll attend our two-week, hands-on training academy where you’ll become familiar with residential and commercial property inspection techniques, how to write a report, and marketing strategies tailored to our industry. Our course will also help prepare you to become a licensed or certified inspector according to your state’s unique requirements. Click here to learn more about the NPI training program.

With NPI, your franchise neighbors are allies, not competition. When you invest in an NPI franchise, you invest in your very own exclusive, lucrative territory based on a viable number of households and real estate agents.