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5 Ways to Know It’s Time to Hire

 May 10, 2022 |  Business Tips |  motivation, business tips, small business

Short of starting your inspection company, hiring your first employee is the biggest step you’ll take as a small business owner. It can be tough to know who to hire, but surprisingly, it can be even tougher to know when to hire. Here are a few telltale signs it’s time to make a plan and make the move to grow your team.

1. You’re turning down work.
You’ve poured your energy into building relationships and expanding your network, and now all that hard work is paying off in spades: you’re booked out for a couple of weeks! If this scenario sounds familiar, remember that this is only the start of the busiest season for us inspectors. You’re going to want a team member who can help you book more inspections and share the workload.

2. You have an exciting opportunity to expand your services.
The perfect opportunity for a new add-on service has presented itself, and anytime you mention it to others working in your local real estate market, they get just as excited as you. That rare untapped need has been identified, and it’s time to spring into action. But as bookkeeper/marketer/inspector/report-writer, (I could go on!), you’re already feeling pulled in too many directions. A new hire can either head up your new department, or they can take on some of your tasks so you can focus on expanding your services.

3. You’re letting daily tasks fall by the wayside.
Speaking of being pulled in multiple directions . . . When those little, but highly necessary details start slipping into oblivion, you know you’re in danger of burning out at best and losing clients at worst. If you find yourself cutting a corner here or there at one inspection to rush to the next, or you give yourself a few extra hours more than originally promised to send a report, it’s time to hire. If you find that you don’t have time to market anymore, it’s time to hire.

4. Your numbers are stagnating.
For the vast majority of us, the goal year over year is growth. If your yearly numbers are barely climbing or worse, not climbing at all, the key to bumping up your profits may be hiring your first employee. The saying, “You have to spend money to make money” is an old adage for a reason. Statistics show that an engaged and productive employee can boost profitability by 21 percent!

5. You’re not getting enough rest.
There’s no shame in needing rest, and we don’t just mean sleep. More than half of people in the workforce feel like they can’t “unplug” at the end of the day. If you’re a one-man show, that impulse can be never-ending. If you’re short on weekly family time and you’re starting to forget what your hobbies are, you need a break. And when’s the last time you took a vacation? Hire an employee you can trust, and you can keep your business running smoothly while you enjoy some much-needed leisure time.

Whether you’re ready to make your first or your tenth hire, reach out to Coach Kimberly Stevens at kimberly.stevens@npiweb.com. She can help you find, vet, and hire the right person for your team!

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