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The Signs That Say You’re Ready To Be An Entrepreneur

 December 20, 2022 |  Business Tips, Franchise |  entrepreneur, small business, motivation

By Celeste Black-Harr, NPI, Inc.'s Recruitment Coordinator

With every new year, an extraordinary opportunity presents itself. It’s a time to celebrate family and friends, to celebrate successes, and to remember the struggles you have overcome. But it’s also a time to reflect and reevaluate. Is what you are doing fulfilling? Is it what you imagined yourself doing five years ago?

There are many reasons why people decide to make a change in their career goals, whether it is dissatisfaction with falling into the status quo or a desire to build something that they can pass on to their family. Big opportunities could be on the horizon! Here are a few signs that 2023 is the year to start your own business.

You Want To Take Control
A standard position as an employee has its own perks. Safety and consistency are big motivating factors to anyone looking for a new job, and without being “the boss,” there are stressors that employees completely avoid. With that being said, the investment of time and experience that you have built up might not get utilized to its full extent in a standard 9-to-5 position.

Entrepreneurs have the freedom to devote their time and energy into what they believe will be most beneficial. With a small business, you are no longer beholden to a boss that micromanages your work and sets your attention on building a business that isn’t your own. If this frustration sounds familiar, you are not alone. From research conducted by small business financier Guidant Financial, in 2022, 48% of small business owners were primarily motivated by the prospect of being their own boss when starting their businesses.

There is a concept known as “golden handcuffs,” referring to talented people that are trapped in well-paying jobs because of a fear that they will lose the consistent income. With a National Property Inspections franchise, the top 10 percent earners make over $550,000 a year. Some people are born to be leaders, and others are born to be followers. Entrepreneurship naturally draws in people with that more aggressive, confident personality type. If the flexibility and empowerment that only come with full control in their careers sounds appealing, entrepreneurship might be the answer for you.

You Are An Innovator
Employers are always looking for dynamic members for their team that can provide new solutions and outside-of-the-box thinking on new projects. Some people have a natural knack for this type of thinking, but it can be developed through either a familiarity with the industry or a unique passion. While outside-of-the-box thinking is fantastic in any line of work, this is a huge asset as an entrepreneur.

The life of an entrepreneur is a life of competition and adaptation. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to take educated risks and try something new, examining what has worked within the industry in the past and thinking of ways that it could be done better. That sort of mindset is vital in a competitive market, and in an environment where you have to introduce a new brand.

There is a balance that should be highlighted here, however, between starting from scratch with everything and using strategies that are proven to work. It can be easy to get bogged down with the minutiae as a small business owner, but entrepreneurs who are interested in learning about what has already worked in their industry may be interested in franchising. With franchising, small business owners have the freedom to innovate while having a support system to advise them on areas that their knowledge is lacking.

You Know The Importance Of Networking
While we’re on the subject, another natural asset that franchising provides for new entrepreneurs is a catalog of contacts filled with other industry professionals. While entrepreneurs are confident in their own abilities and they know how well they can innovate their field, they also know the value of learning from people who have been in their position in the past.

Mentors and peers are invaluable when starting a small business. If a revenue stream has slowed or a proven strategy is suddenly stalling your business, you will need contacts that you can rely on to provide advice. With a National Property Inspections franchise, franchisees have access to over 200 industry professionals working across North America. The importance of access to expertise and experience like this cannot be overstated for new business owners.

Both extroverts and introverts can succeed as entrepreneurs, but regardless of your natural tendencies, small business owners need to recognize the value of making new connections and building their network of industry professionals.

If you have some of these traits, this could be the first sign that tells you 2023 is the year to make the leap! If you are interested in starting a home inspection franchise, our team at NPI would love to speak with you. Request a free info packet today to get started.


About the Author
Celeste Black-Harr, Recruitment Coordinator
With a background in customer service and office administration, Celeste joined National Property Inspections, Inc. in 2022. Her experience in customer service is the driving force behind helping all new franchise owners get started and developing those strong business relations! In her daily role as Recruitment Coordinator, Celeste onboards new NPI and GPI franchises from across the United Stated and Canada.

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