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NPI Marketing Team


Why Investing in a Franchise Is Better Than Going It Alone

By Zach Vesper

Going into business for yourself might be the biggest leap you ever take. That’s why it’s important to have a safety net. And that’s where investing in a franchise can help put you on the path to success. Here are the top five reasons that a National Property Inspections franchise is the key to meeting your small business goals.

1. You invest in us and we invest right back in you.
At NPI, we strive to make your commitment worthwhile by continuing to invest in your success. Whether that’s updating our proprietary software or creating marketing materials based on the latest trends, we take innovation seriously and want you to feel as though there’s always something new in it for you.

Unlike going into business independently, at NPI, you have a team dedicated to your professional growth. We’re industry experts with years of experience in home and commercial property inspection, digital marketing and more, so you don’t have to guess the right direction to go with your business. By following our tried and true business strategy, you can dedicate more time to honing your inspection skills and networking with real estate agents.

2. You receive unmatched hands-on training and continuing support.
Anyone can take an online course and become certified. But at National Property Inspections, you’ll experience hands-on training with seasoned veterans of the industry. Witnessing the most common home inspection issues firsthand gives you the confidence you need to do the job right. It also helps cut down on mistakes down the road, garnering you positive reviews and reinforcing NPI as among the best in the industry.

Professional support doesn’t end after your two-week course in Omaha. Our corporate staff is always available to read reports, answer questions and help you get the most from your inspection equipment.

3. You’re given ongoing professional marketing coaching.
How many small businesses flounder because their owner has perfected their product or service, but has never gotten acquainted with the ins and outs of actually marketing a business or managing money? Too many to count, and what a shame!

At NPI, you’re provided remote one-on-one marketing support with a certified marketing coach. When it comes down to the little details like managing your cash flow and knowing the best ways to network with real estate agents, we’ve got you covered for the long haul. Any time you have questions, we have answers and advice to keep you on track for success.

4. You automatically become part of a nationally renowned brand.
Founded in 1987, National Property Inspections is one of the most well-established and respected brands in the property inspection industry. We’re recommended by the nation’s top real estate agents and receive excellent reviews for our award-winning customer service and thorough reports. Investing in an NPI franchise allows you to automatically become a part of our story. It also gets you access to our comprehensive library of on-brand marketing materials. When branding and marketing are a no-brainer and you feel confident that people will recognize and trust your company name, you can rest easy.

5. You join the NPI family.
With our exclusive territories, neighbors never have to compete against neighbors. Being a part of NPI means being part of an extended professional network that feels more like family. Our inspectors are in communication regularly, asking questions, offering advice or just simply being there to root for one another through the stages of small business ownership. And that camaraderie includes the corporate office as well. Our staff is always a phone call or email away and we consider each franchisee a valued member of the NPI family.


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Zach Vesper, SEO and Marketing Specialist
Zach brings more than six years of SEO experience to the table, making him your go-to web optimization specialist--he knows how to help your website reach the first page! He's always more than happy to answer your questions about all things Google. Zach is a film buff, an old-fashioned connoisseur and an avid reader of science fiction. When he’s not working, he’s hanging out with his wife, Stepha, and basset hound, Frank.

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