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Why Veterans Make Amazing Entrepreneurs

 January 24, 2023 |  Business Tips, Franchise |  inspection industry, small business, time management, money management, motivation, veterans, entrepreneur

By Sammi Marcellus, NPI, Inc.'s Recruitment Coordinator

Veterans returning home from duty have a lot of opportunities open for them, but it can understandably be difficult to find one’s place after such a big change. As entrepreneurs and business owners, veterans have a long history of success. From Phil Knight at Nike to Gordon Logan at Sport Clips, veterans clearly have the capability to reach remarkable heights in their own business ventures, but it can be difficult to figure out how to start.

At National Property Inspections, we have seen first-hand how veterans excel in the field of home inspections. Many of our top producers are veterans, and we love working with new franchisees who have gained the fundamental skills that military training instills. Here are a few reasons why veterans make amazing entrepreneurs and home inspectors.

Veterans Are Versatile
Whether through serving in a unit or through the foundational training that all military professionals receive, we have seen that veterans possess an amazing level of versatility. As an inspector and a small business owner, our franchisees learn not only the technical skills to inspect a property, but how to market themselves, manage their finances, and even lead a team of their own.

In particular, we have found that military training develops an extraordinary ability to learn and adapt. As you run your own business, there will undoubtedly be a few facets that require branching out into a new field outside your comfort zone. Veterans have a proven track record to lean on their strengths and discover unique ways to tackle the variable problems that come with entrepreneurship.

Veterans Do A “Complete” Job
Depending on their field of service, veterans may have had to make choices that could drastically affect the well-being of their partner or their team as a whole. Because of this, veterans tend to not cut corners.

This quality is highly sought after for a home inspector. In developing a report, (depending on the agreed upon scale and scope of the job) inspectors need to provide a full breakdown of a home’s key systems. Missing a detail here can lead to costly repercussions for homeowners, making a thorough inspection highly valuable.

On top of this, veterans tend to do the little things well, between treating their clients with respect, working efficiently, and being responsive to messages. These qualities should lead to satisfied clients and plenty of opportunities for positive reviews, which will help their businesses grow even more!

Veterans Do Well Under Pressure
It’s no secret that running a business can, at times, be more like a marathon than a sprint. There will be busy seasons, and there will be slower seasons. To be successful, good entrepreneurs know how to adapt to their market when things change, and they also know how to persevere when pressure mounts. Again, this is a quality where veterans excel.

Through military training, veterans have gained the sought-after skill of remaining cool under pressure. Anyone can lay out a business plan. It takes someone special to see their plan through, even when facing periods of adversity where others might be tempted to quit. Veterans tend to have that ability to widen their scope and keep overall goals in mind.

The Hurdle For Veterans
We have seen time and time again that veterans tend to have traits that lead them to become remarkable home inspectors. However, there are those that have noticed a newer hurdle facing veterans today.

According to reporters at Inc magazine, there has been a new discrepancy found in veteran-owned small businesses of late. After veterans returned from World War II, nearly 50% turned to entrepreneurship. For veterans after Sept. 11, 2001, however, only 4.5% have become entrepreneurs. Why the stark difference? Reporters from Forbes suggest it is a perceived lack of capital.

As they explain, veterans have been more likely to pursue other career goals due to a lack of education about their funding opportunities. Contrary to this belief, though, there are many organizations dedicated to assisting veteran entrepreneurs and veteran-owned businesses. At National Property Inspections, we love working with veterans! We offer our own discount for a franchise, and can direct you on financing opportunities.

20% of NPI franchises are veteran-owned. If you are a veteran interested in learning more about how to start your own home inspection franchise, get in contact with our recruitment team today! Check out our testimonial below from U.S. Army veteran and NPI business owner Blake Evans.


About the Author
Sammi Marcellus, Recruitment Coordinator
A member of the Nebraska Army National Guard since 2017, Sammi assists the NPI recruitment team through building relationships with military veterans who are interested in franchising. Sammi has a background in customer service and is an asset to the NPI corporate team with her ability to relate with active and former military, guiding them through our recruitment process.

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