National Property Inspections Franchisee Spotlight: Cory Anderson


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National Property Inspections Franchisee Spotlight: Cory Anderson

 April 19, 2022 |  Business Tips, Franchise, Inspection Tips |  client satisfaction, inspection industry, motivation, networking, news, small business

National Property Inspections’ Franchisee Spotlight recognizes our most innovative and successful NPI and GPI franchises. By sharing their stories, helpful tips and lessons learned, every franchisee can learn what it takes to grow their business. We're proud to feature our reigning 2021 Franchise of the Year, Cory Anderson of NPI East Tennessee.

After purchasing an existing franchise in 2017 in Knoxville, TN, Cory and his team have been on an upward trajectory that's landed him in the top four percent of our organization. He’s also recently expanded to cover both Chattanooga and the Tri-Cities area.

Tell us about yourself! What was your previous career, and how did you come to NPI?
Cory Anderson: I have an agricultural technology degree from the University of Tennessee and worked in the agricultural field for about 7 years prior to coming to NPI. During my agricultural career, my wife and I purchased multiple rental homes and loved learning about and investing in real estate. Our home inspector was Steve Hancock, who started the original NPI Knoxville franchise in 1995. 

During our last inspection with Steve, he announced that he would be retiring and told us that we would need to find another inspector. After many conversations over coffee and lunch, I convinced Steve to continue working for a year and train me with the understanding that I would buy his business. When the year was up, Steve officially retired and left me the business.

What are some tips you would tell other inspectors who are looking to make their first hire?
Cory: I made my first hire about 6 months after I purchased the franchise. I would recommend hiring based on character and not concentrating so much on experience. I look for qualities like good listener, good grammar, kindness, curiosity, patience, good morals and ethics, etc. Also, think about the qualities that make a good inspector (attention to detail, good communicator, honesty) and make sure your new hire fits these characteristics.

What’s been your most lucrative add-on service? What have you found to be the most successful way to upsell this service?
Cory: Currently, our most lucrative add-on service is radon testing. We add a clause to our pre-inspection agreement explaining the importance of radon testing and require the customer’s initial on that portion before the pre-inspection agreement can be officially signed. This gets them thinking that radon may be a larger issue than they thought, and this system has drastically increased the number of radon inspections we now conduct.

What do you enjoy most about the home inspection industry?
Cory: I really like the fact that we are helping people make one of the biggest decisions of their life on a daily basis. I also like the fact that home inspection is a relatively young industry. I feel like the sky is the limit in what we can do as home inspection business owners. I enjoy thinking ahead, trying to come up with different services to add, and thinking of better ways of doing what we're already doing. I think a home inspection business is an extremely good investment that has a very bright future ahead.


Thank you, Cory, for taking the time to share your business tips and philosophies! Your dedication to your fellow inspectors and willingness to share your secrets to success earned you your much-deserved 2021 Franchise of the Year award. We look forward to seeing what's next for NPI East Tennessee!

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