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NPI Marketing Team


Why You Should Consider Using a Call Center

By Zach Vesper

This might seem like a familiar situation: you’re out on an inspection, and while talking to your client, your business phone rings. Now you have a dilemma—do you risk looking unprofessional by stepping away from your client to take the phone call, or do you ignore it and hope they leave a voicemail? If this happens often for you, there’s a simple solution: making use of a call center. Call centers can make your inspection business run more smoothly while delivering a host of other benefits, too.

1. You'll stop missing phone calls.
Imagine never having to be in that difficult situation again. Using a call center to answer calls to your business and book inspections allows you to give your full attention to each client, all while ensuring you don’t lose out on future inspections.

Here’s a statistic that should worry any small business owner: of all the people who call your business and can’t get through, 85 percent won’t call back, and 75 percent of those people won’t leave a message. Instead, they’ll just move on to the next company, which is likely your direct competition. The bottom line is that potential clients don’t have patience for unresponsive businesses, so you want to make sure you’re answering your phone the first time, every time!

2. Call centers give you more free time.
Call centers also eliminate a lot of the tedious managerial work that comes along with owning your business. Aside from handling all of your incoming calls, they can also manage your inspection scheduling so you don’t have to worry about logistics. For a lot of home inspectors who’d love more family time, this is a substantial time-saver that’s well worth the investment.

3. Call centers can increase your revenue.
When you work with a call center that knows your industry, their representatives will use that knowledge to grow your business in multiple ways. They can answer common client questions that lead to more people booking with you, and they’re also trained to upsell your ancillary services like mold and radon testing, termite inspections and sewer cam inspections. When you’re booking more inspections and each one is more valuable on average, that’s a sure recipe for growth and success.

4. You'll enhance your company's image.
If you’re currently answering most or all of your incoming business calls yourself, you know that it’s hard to be “on” one hundred percent of the time. Call centers can take some of that stress off your plate, and since they talk on the phone for a living, you can rely on them to always maintain a high standard of professionalism with your clients. This ensures that you always start out on the right foot with each client. First impressions are incredibly important in fostering a relationship of trust between you and your client, so you may want to consider letting the professionals take the lead when customers first make contact with your business.

If you’re a current NPI franchisee and want to know more about how you can use a call center to grow your business, give us a call at (800) 333-9807 to discuss your options.


If you’re interested in starting your own NPI franchise, you can request a free, no-obligation info packet at


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