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Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Inspection Tools

 December 7, 2021 |  Business Tips, Inspection Tips |  client satisfaction, inspection industry, small business, money management

As an inspector, you have a variety of different tools to help you do your job. Drones, electrical outlet testers, gas sniffers, and more all give you the information you need to educate your client. But with so many different pieces, it’s not uncommon for equipment to malfunction.

What Can Happen
The most obvious answer to what’ll happen if you don’t maintain your equipment is that it simply won't work correctly, if at all. If this happens to you in the field, you can find yourself stuck in a tight spot. You’ll either have to scramble to replace the broken tool or reschedule the inspection. Perhaps the worst outcome is that you mark a component incorrectly on your report. This can lead you into a wormhole of liability and result in a costly payout and possible lost business.

Do Your Research Beforehand
To avoid having to constantly repair your equipment, look into the best tools for the job beforehand. There are lots of different brands on the market, and each has their own set of pros and cons. If you belong to an inspector message board, see what others have asked about. Read reviews on the products prior to purchasing them, and see if they offer any sort of warranty coverage for the tools. This way you know you’ll be compensated in case something goes wrong and you can’t use the tool anymore.

Properly Budget for Quality Tools
You should think of the tools you buy as a major business investment. That means saving up and budgeting so that you purchase high-quality equipment. Trying to save a few bucks could mean running into frequent issues and frustrations. Plus, paying a bit more for a certain model may get you additional features to help you do a more thorough job. You also might save money on the backend by not having to constantly repair or update equipment, as good tools last longer. If you can’t get something high-quality right away, it might be best to buy an emergency backup of a cheaper version.

Keep Everything in Working Condition
When you buy a tool that’s designed to last, it’s easy to let your routine maintenance on it lapse. Just because it’s durable doesn’t mean something can’t still go wrong. Periodically, test that your equipment is still operating correctly. Check a few times to help calibrate readings and to catch an error you might have missed previously. If something does pop up, refer to the tool’s operating manual or reach out to their customer service department. This is where having a backup can come in handy in case you find the tool isn’t usable and you can’t get a replacement in time.

Use Your Tools as Marketing Leverage
One underrated part about having quality tools is that you can market it to your clients! You can showcase the items you use and explain what sort of coverage they get if they choose you. They’ll know they’re getting a professional and will have peace of mind in their decision.

Having accurate tools is important in any industry, so you shouldn’t take it lightly. With proper research and continual maintenance, you can protect yourself and your reputation. Having the best equipment can set you apart from your competition as well. It’s one small thing that makes all the difference!

Questions about the right tools for the job? Contact Jon McCreath at jon.mccreath@npiweb.com.

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