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5 Podcasts to Grow Your Small Business

 October 25, 2022 |  Business Tips, Franchise, Inspection Tips, Marketing, Social Media |  inspection industry, entrepreneur, digital marketing, small business, motivation

As a National Property Inspections franchise owner, you are one part inspector, one part marketer, one part entrepreneur. Needless to say, there can be a lot on your plate. To stay on top of the competition and to become the best leader in your industry, it might be valuable to find a podcast to help you on your way. Today, experts are freely offering their years of experience and personal stories to listeners through an easily consumable medium. Here are a few podcasts that could help you grow your inspection business!

1. Home Inspector Podcast by InterNACHI
Average length: 1-5 minutes, with an occasional “webinar” podcast that can be between 1 and 3 hours.
Releases: Twice a day every weekday.

As inspectors, a great starting point podcast is the Home Inspector Podcast by InterNACHI. The majority of releases are extremely short, sometimes with no introduction at all. These topics briefly explain how to perform a specific task relating to property inspections. The Home Inspector Podcast is a great option for inspectors looking to brush up on their knowledge or looking for quick, easy review material.

The webinar releases are obviously much longer and seem to be direct uploads of online classes and presentations. These webinars are clearly not made with the podcast medium in mind, as the speakers frequently reference visual aids that are not available to listeners. However, the content is still valuable beyond these disconnects. For a podcast relating directly to the practice of property inspections, the Home Inspector Podcast by InterNACHI is the best option.


2. Everyone Hates Marketers
Average length: 15 minutes to 1 hour.
Releases: Formerly weekly, though there has been a pause since mid-July 2022.

Introducing every episode with “Bonjour, bonjour and welcome,” listeners don’t have to wait very long to get to know this podcast’s host Louis Grenier. A seasoned marketer and marketing consultant, Louis Grenier presents his interview-based show as a no-nonsense, actionable podcast aimed at delivering marketing advice that can reach across industries and cultures. In each episode, it is clear that Grenier is looking to pull easily digestible tips that his audience can actually use in their businesses. And, yes, he is french.

Louis Grenier has a dry sense of humor and a mind for efficiency in his podcast. As a small warning, there is some light language on occasion, though there is nothing prominent enough to dissuade people from giving the podcast a try. Unfortunately, the show seems to have taken a bit of a hiatus while Grenier has been focusing on an online marketing education and coaching program.

From the knowledgeable guests, to the wide range of valuable marketing information, this is a fantastic podcast for anyone looking to improve their overall marketing skills. Seriously, give this one a try. 


3. The $100 MBA Show
Average length: 15 minutes.
Releases: One every weekday.

Omar Zenhom, co-founder of Webinar Ninja, hosts this regular, quick, and focused show, along with an occasional long-form interview focused around general business advice. Topics can range widely from things like preventing burnout, to the value of UTM links on your company website. The main throughline is the short episode length and the focus on a single, practical tip.

While it may be worth mentioning that the first 3 minutes or so of an already short podcast is taken up by the introduction, self promotion, and maybe a sponsor, this podcast is another solid choice for business advice. In particular, this podcast might interest people looking for a consistent, short show to add to their daily routine.


4. The Van Deeb Podcast
Average length: 20-30 minutes.
Releases: Once a month.

The eponymous Van Deeb is a motivational speaker who provides advice mostly related to personal development and inspiration. With a lengthy sales background, Deeb’s advice sometimes draws on this perspective and how to present yourself in social scenarios. One strength of this show is the statistical backing he brings to statements on overall cultural trends. These additions instill confidence in the listener, and strengthen Deeb’s credibility.

The Van Deeb Podcast is a good show for small business owners managing a team of employees. With this podcast, there is a wealth of advice on running a positive workplace, showing appreciation, and retaining employees. Although he does have an occasional guest, the majority of episodes consist of Van Deeb diving into a particular subject on his own. 


5. The Marie Forleo Podcast
Average length: Varies anywhere from 5 minutes to 65 minutes.
Releases: Once a week.

Marie Forleo is an author, business owner, and life coach lauded as a thought leader for the next generation by Oprah Winfrey. Forleo’s podcast is modeled primarily around an interview-based format where she finds innovative thinkers or industry specialists who can bring their unique perspective on a few detailed subjects. Industry leaders guest to promote a book or service of theirs while speaking on marketing, business, or lifestyle-related topics.

A particularly dynamic figure among women, Marie Forleo is a charismatic, positive speaker with a wealth of experience and connections in the business world. This show is a great generalist podcast that should appeal to a wide range of listeners. Often, Marie branches out from business talk, widening the scope of the discussion into ethics and lifestyle philosophy. 


This list is by no means exhaustive. What is your go-to podcast that has helped your business? Email or share your recommendations on NPI’s private Facebook group!

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